We build, You thrive

• The relentless needs of Building Owners, Property Developers and General Contractors to construct buildings in a more ECOnomical, ECOlogical and FAST mode, are the main drivers behind the formation of ECOFAST construction;

• These key stakeholders seek to push the construction performance metrics further up, and want to challenge the conventional standards that dampen their ambitions to do things better and faster, to commit to a greener world, to pursue greater profitability, and to stand out above the incredible and ever growing competition.

• Besides other equally important considerations such as architecture, services, functionality, viability, aesthetics, and marketing to name a few, these stakeholders focus also on :

• The ECOnomics of building with lower whole life cost, or total cost of ownership which includes not only the lowest first-cost structure but also the lowest operating and maintenance costs over the building’s lifetime.

• ECOlogical construction; The notion of Green building, with enhanced thermal insulation, leading-edge construction methods, maximum use of recycled, recyclable and non-toxic materials and technologies which when suitably integrated in a construction project, contribute to enhancing its environmental performance and reduce waste, pollution and least harm the environment.

• FAST-track construction: Shorter schedules are desirable for reasons that vary with building stakeholders but on reducing a time-to-market, meeting demand sooner or on time, decrease the cost of construction financing, the impact of inflation during construction, faster return on investment, and reduce overhead costs for the design and construction organizations.

These age-old drivers form the backbone of ECOFAST construction which aims to improve their related performance metrics.