ECOnomical, ECOlogical & FAST Construction

Our Brand Name says it all:

ECOnomical, ECOlogical, & FAST Construction of Advanced Envelope Solutions for Buildings and Residential Compounds that offer outstanding value for the money to Building Owners, Developers and General Contractors.

Our Value Proposition is based on the following attributes:

Turnkey Solution Provider; With the availability of architectural drawings and concrete foundation, our in-house teams can design, detail, project manage, certify, fabricate, assemble, erect and complete the Building Envelope including walls, partitions, floors, roofs and boundary walls.

Steel-framed building structures with all required internal conduits for electricity and water fixtures, infill compounds, and internal/external masonry works.

Integrators of Advanced Material; By combining Cold Formed Galvanized Steel (CFGS), Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC), and other cladding and superior finishing products, we offer a progressive alternative to clients that want to excel and prosper in today’s challenging business environment.

Committed to your Success; our business model is based on a platform of self-reliance (Design, Fabrication and Construction works performed by us), speed (those advanced techniques lend themselves for quick turnaround), cost-effectiveness and green (with use of recycled material), and quality/safety practices (aligned with latest norms and standards).

Our Mission

Delivering advanced framing components, modular building products and turnkey building solutions to clients who are driven by value-for-money, looking for a quick turnaround, and mindful of a quality, durable and ecological construction.