Our Solutions

Fast-track, Precision Engineered, Affordable, Efficient, Green

ECOFAST construction is synonymous with Advanced Building Solutions

• Adoption of Cold Formed Galvanized Steel (CFGS) for producing load bearing framing walls and floors, and fast erection of the structure.

• Use of Dry and Wet-walling techniques:

• Dry Walls: Infill made up of Thermal and Acoustic Insulated boards with moisture and vapor barrier, and sheathing with a wide range of selections from gypsum panels, to cellulose fiber cement boards, Magnesium Oxide Wallboards fixed on resilient channels.
• Wet Walls: Use of Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) as in-fill for providing thermal insulation, improved acoustic insulation, lower water absorption, increased fire resistance and binding with CFGS to form a monolithic building envelope

• Services Integrated Structural Walls & Partitions: The combination of walls and partitions are structurally designed with integrated house plumbing pipes, as well as electrical conduits, junction & wall/ceiling boxes.