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PLANT Activities


Designers convert Architectural Drawings into specialized modeling software

Engineers create / validate / get approved associated steel-framed structures to meet loads and building codes requirements

Designers / Engineers export panels / joists / trusses to Roll Forming machines


Technicians operate Roll Forming machines and produce various sections

Steel sections are inspected for quality and assembled into frames by Technicians

Electrical conduits and electrical boxes and service pipes are installed through pre-punched service holes

Frames are stocked, coded, and bundled for easy shipment & erection

ON-SITE Activities


Frames are delivered to site, and re-inspected for quality & integrity

Frames are lifted, fixed on final location, erected, and braced

Technicians inspect the installed frames ahead of finishing works


Technicians fix channels onto CFS and screw sheathing panels

Specialized technicians supply special cast-in-situ cementous solution as in-fill

Technicians perform final inspections and hand over the building envelope elements to Client/ Contractor