ECOFAST Technology

Fabrication is made with the use of an automatic hydraulic CNC light gauge steel framing machine with cutting to length, notch, punch, swage, squash, rivet punch and service hole punch function.

Product Configurations include:

• External & Internal Wall panels (load bearing),
• Internal Partition Panels (non-load bearing),
• Ground and intermediate floor joists,
• Ceiling Panels, &
• Panelized Roofs

• Midscale Production of Cellular Lightweight Concrete using wet mixtures of agents as cement, fine sand, fly ash, organic and inorganic fibers etc.

• Produces CLC at various densities from 150 up to 1400 kg/m3

• Cast-in-Situ functionality with pumping the required mix along with the foaming agent to location of casting (up to 20 m elevation and 50 m distance)

• Product variety: specific foaming agent for roofing, flooring, block production, cast in situ walls