Cold Formed Steel Frames & Joists

Your Building Goals meet Our Framing Solutions

Fabrication is made with the use of an automatic hydraulic CNC light gauge steel framing machine with cutting to length, notch, punch, swage, squash, rivet punch and service hole punch function.

Product Configurations include:

• External & Internal Wall panels (load bearing),
• Internal Partition Panels (non-load bearing),
• Ground and intermediate floor joists,
• Ceiling Panels, &
• Panelized Roofs

Software used include:

• Scottsdale Design and Engineering Software,
• Scottsdale Roll former software,
• StaadPro 3D Structural Analysis and Design Software
•GRASP 2-D Analysis of Framed Structures

Techniques include:

• Panels K-Bracing & Strap Bracing
• Lattice joists & Plate Bracing
• Structural floor decks with fiber cement screed on corrugated steel sheets
• Dry-Walls:
– External wall buildup with masonry outer finish, closed cell insulation boards, and Mineral Wool between studs, or alternatively Magnesium Oxide (MO) boards
– Internal Finish with Gypsum Boards or MO Boards, & Plastering
• Wet-Walls:
– Cast-in-Situ advanced cellular lightweight concrete with use of wall shuttering technique or use of MO Boards
• Floor Decking:
– Layer of dense board attached to the bottom of the lattice joists
– Dry Floors:
— Lattice joists including thermal and acoustic insulation fills or boards
— Floating floor decks with layers of dense boards
• Wet Floors: Galvanized Sheets fixed onto the joists with fiber Cement Screed
• Tiling as per request